Wife Material

Friday, May 25, 2018 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm

  $15 ADV // $20 DOS

Book, Music, Lyrics & Performance by Jamie Shriner

Directed by Stefan Brün

Choreographed by Ben F. Locke

Musical Arrangements by Shelbi Albert and Jake Diggity of PET ENVY

Jamie Shriner eloped in January 2017, and her life has been sheer bliss ever since. Or has it? In Wife Material, a one-woman show starring Jamie Shriner as herself, a 25-year-old actress examines female sexuality, loneliness, love, dating, and consent with unapologetic honesty. Is it acceptable for a young married woman to admit she enjoys sex? Wife Material is an hour-long musical comedy that “dares to go where you’d never go,” featuring songs like “F***boi,” “Let’s Screw,” and “Love Myself.” The show examines a society that criticizes teenage “bad girls” for liking sex; and at the same time, hypocritically assumes married women’s sexual needs are perfectly satiated.

Door 7pm