10 Best Breweries in Iowa!

Whether you’re looking for a double imperial IPA or a light lager, across the state of Iowa you can find craft beer made just for you. From nationally-recognized beer brands to up-and-coming beverage behemoths, the state of Iowa is really putting themselves on the map when it comes to quality craft brews, and the only better thing than seeing an Iowa beer in the aisles of your local supermarket is actually heading down and visiting one of these 10 best breweries in Iowa.

Toppling Goliath Brewing, Decorah, IA

Featuring a fun-filled tap room in the scenic surroundings of Decorah, Toppling Goliath Brewing has grown to be one of the most recognized breweries in not just the state of Iowa, but across the nation. Much of its popularity can be attributed to Toppling Goliath’s award winning small batch, craft beers, but a significant part of their success can also be given to the family-fun and welcoming environment of their headquarters in Decorah. Check it out yourself to see why in just a few short years, Toppling Goliath could be on every grocery store shelf across the United States.

Backpocket Brewing, Coralville, IA

With three different locations in Iowa, including a production facility and patio space in Coralville, a pilot pub house in Cedar Rapids and a decorative tap room in Dubuque, you can find a little something in your back pocket all throughout Iowa. Featuring finger foods and a relaxing atmosphere, it’s really the craft beverages that bring Backpocket Brewing to the “best of” list, and whether it’s the Gold Coin or Wooden Nickel ales, you’ll be sure to taste the quality craft-brewing that goes into every beer on tap. 

Exile Brewing, Des Moines, IA

Located on Walnut Street of Des Moines, Exile Brewing is one of the latest additions to the Des Moines craft brewing scene, and through their excellent food and beer menu, in addition to a prime location filled with plenty of fun seating room, Exile Brewing is looking to stay around for a while. Whether you enjoy a flagship beer like the Ruthie pilsner while sitting in the Beer Garden, or you order off the long list of lunch and dinner options on the menu in the Annex, you’ll be sure to find a comfortable seat and something you like with your next visit to Exile Brewing.

Millstream Brewing, Amana, IA

Featuring a full list of award-winning beers and sodas, Millstream Brewing is Iowa’s oldest brewery, and continues to set a high bar in terms of quality and service for the Iowa craft beer scene. Millstream added an authentic Brau Haus to their establishment in last year, making for a place the whole family can gather to grab a bite to eat or something to sip on while they explore the surrounding streets of the scenic Amana Colonies.

Peace Tree Brewing, Knoxville, IA

For nearly seven years, Peace Tree Brewing has been adding a little flavor to the streets of Knoxville, and with a recent new branch of the brewery opening, Des Moines too can take a sip of the action. What has caused this expansion and success over the last seven years isn’t just Peace Tree Brewing’s wide availability of beverages found across the state, but it’s their high attention to detail with every flagship and seasonal beer they brew. 

Big Grove Brewery, Solon, IA

The Big Grove Brewery is double stacked with not only award-winning craft brews, but even if you’re not a beer drinker, the food at Big Grove is reason enough for anyone to visit this growing establishment. Big Grove has found so much success in Solon, they added an additional establishment in the neighboring Iowa City, of which will be one of the biggest breweries and tap rooms in the state once everything gets up and running by early summer. Check out either location however, and you’ll soon not just find your new favorite brewery in Iowa, but you’ll discover your new favorite place to hang with friends and family.  

Twisted Vine Brewery, West Des Moines, IA

Formed on the hills of an Iowa winery, Twisted Vine Brewery forwent the grapes and put their money towards hops instead. Making beer in central Iowa for the last five years, you can now find the Twisted Vine’s boutique brewery in West Des Moines on Westown Parkway. Enjoy yourself an IPA or ale while drinking at this comfortable brewery environment, all Twisted Vine Brewery really wants you to do is enjoy yourself.  

Alluvial Brewing, Ames, IA

Located just three miles north of the Iowa State University campus, besides their quality craft beers, what Alluvial Brewing really has going for it is perhaps one of the best tap rooms in the state. Nestled amongst 40 acres of an organic farm, the Alluvial Brewing tap room fits in with its rustic surroundings and invites members of the community and visitors alike to take part in a conversation over a beer, perhaps play a board game or two, or simply watch the falling sun crest on the Iowa farmland environment.

Okoboji Brewing Company, Spirit Lake, IA

The Iowa Great Lakes has a lot going for it already, including some of the most scenic vacation destinations in the entire state, so it should be no surprise that their own brewing company only adds to the flavor. Okoboji Brewing Company has been bottling their specialty craft beers since 2009, and offering them in their cozy tap room since 2012, and whether you enjoy a pint at home or at the shores of Lake Okoboji, or you find yourself belly-up at the tap room bar, you’ll be sure to enjoy every sip of their specialty crafted beer.  

SingleSpeed Brewing Company, Cedar Falls, IA

SingleSpeed Brewing Company is most commonly known in the state and the surrounding community of Cedar Falls as an experimental, small-batch ale producer. Plan your visit now to this up-and-coming brewery and taste for yourself what will bring SingleSpeed Brewing Company to the top of the charts. 

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