The 7 Best Markets in Iowa!

Whether you are looking for a scrumptious sandwich from a local deli, a top-notch imported or craft beer selection, or fresh produce, opt to shop at a community market! If you happen to be in the state of Iowa looking for an independent grocer, you don’t have to drive very far, and stretching from John’s in Iowa City to Jeff’s in Blue Grass, every one of these 7 best markets in Iowa cater exclusively to the customer. 

John’s Grocery, Iowa City, IA

Located near the Northern Downtown District of Iowa City, John’s Grocery Store provides pantry essentials and some of the best fried chicken in Iowa, plus a plethora of domestic, imported and craft beers. While there are many reasons to visit John’s Grocery Store, what always keeps customers coming back for more is the friendly, local service provided with each visit. The massive amount of delicious beers found in the walk-in cooler helps doesn’t hurt anything either. 

B&B Meat and Deli, Des Moines, IA

Acting as a multi-generational grocery store in Des Moines, B&B Meat and Deli has been serving the Des Moines metro long enough for their meat counter to be considered “old-fashioned.” While the local appeal and great customer service has helped keep B&B afloat for all these years, what has made them state-famous is their full line of Killer Sandwiches offered at the deli. Piled high with tons of flavor, B&B Meat and Deli serves up their sandwiches the same way they provide the rest of their services, always with a smile. 

New Pioneer Food Co-Op, Multiple locations

Featuring three stores in Eastern Iowa, including locations in Iowa City, Coralville and Cedar Rapids, if you are looking for fresh produce and friendly service, the New Pioneer Food Co-Op is right for you. Acting as a true cooperative market, customers take ownership in New Pioneer, helping dictate what comes on the shelves and from where. One common ingredient between all the options at New Pioneer is the fresh, organic status it comes from.

Wheatsfield Co-op, Ames, IA

Acting on behalf of the Ames community, the Wheatsfield Co-Op is a neighborhood supported grocery market with all the freshest options. If you believe yourself to be conscious of what you eat, then the products and stock lining the shelves of the Wheatsfield Co-Op will surely satisfy your appetite. Alongside the big selection of food, the Wheatsfield Co-Op also provides community classes and events, providing some coherence between Ames residents and what they eat. 

Dutchman’s Store, Cantril, IA

Serving the Cantril area for over 30 years, the Dutchman’s Store carries every grocery item from band-aids to bomb pops, and besides their competitive prices and big selection, it’s the deli and produce that keep people coming back to the Dutchman for more. Featuring classic submarine sandwiches prepared fresh to order, and seasonal local produce throughout the aisles, everything at Dutchman’s Store is underlined with locality and friendly flavor. 

Jeff’s Market, Blue Grass, IA

With a bountiful selection of grocery items, Jeff’s Market of Blue Grass is a local favorite for a place to shop, and a place to be a part of the community. Local favorites at Jeff’s Market include the fried chicken and the various catches of the day, and no matter what you come into this local neighborhood market looking for, chances are you will discover someone happy and willing to help you find it. 

Wood’s Supermarket, Pocahontas, IA

Serving as a local community connection for high-quality foods, Wood’s Supermarket in Pocahontas is a quality driven market that’s invested into the local economy. Featuring weekly specials, fresh produce and a diverse selection of everyday and non-everyday grocery items, Wood’s Supermarket carries everything you need and a few things you didn’t even know you wanted. Support the local Pocahontas community today and check out Wood’s Supermarket yourself. 

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