The 10 Best Lunch Spots in Iowa!

Whether it’s a light fare or hearty meal, if you are looking for some good lunch options in the state of Iowa, you don’t have to look very far. The lunch hour is prime time for many restaurants across Iowa, and whether you’re craving a scratch-made soup or unique sandwich option, even some fried chicken, you’ll be able to find a great place to fulfill your lunchtime appetite. Here are the 10 best lunch spots in the state.

Chef’s Palette, Des Moines, IA

Located within the illustrative walls of the Des Moines Art Center, the Chef’s Palette restaurant serves up homemade soups and salads, as well as sandwich and pasta options. Open only during the lunch hour, if you have the time, patrons to the Chef’s Palette are encouraged to check out the rest of the Des Moines Art Center before or after their meal. It’s that combination of fine art and healthy dining which can make for a very fulfilling experience at Chef’s Palette in Des Moines.

NODO, Iowa City, IA

Located on North Dodge street in Iowa City, NODO specializes in some of the tastiest sandwiches you’ll find in the state of Iowa. Featuring unique and tantalizing flavors like ham and bacon or corned beef and pastrami, NODO delivers on taste no matter the time of day. Catch this quick spot for lunch however, and be prepared to conquer the second half of your day. If you happen to be in the downtown Iowa City area, you can catch NODO at their second location near the Pedestrian Mall.

Teluwut Grille House & Pub, Multiple locations

With three different locations to choose from, including Osage, Cresco and Lake Mills, there is three different chances to catch a delicious lunch at Teluwut Grille & Pub. Featuring a full menu of pastas, entrees, burgers, sandwiches, plus appetizers and salads, there’s not enough lunches in the year to get a taste of everything that Teluwut has cooking up. Whatever you order though, whether it’s a light lunch or nap-inducing meal for two, with the casual and comfortable atmosphere found inside, you’ll be sure to have a good time at Teluwut Grille House & Pub.

Starboard Market, Clear Lake, IA

Open from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, Starboard Market is a unique little shop that can provide you some of the tastiest soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts you’ll find in Clear Lake and beyond. Featuring over 25 signature sandwiches to choose from, plus a long list of customizable options, as well as daily salad creations, chances are you’ll find something to like at the Starboard Market in Clear Lake.

Ronneburg Restaurant, Amana, IA

Located in the colorful town of Amana, the Ronneburg Restaurant is a German-inspired eatery that caters towards tourist and locals alike, as well as big and little appetites. Featuring a full menu that spans from breakfast to dinner, and is full of German entrees and suggestions, while lunch isn’t the only time to visit this community staple, it does serve as a great break in your day when visiting the Amana Colonies. While many items on the Ronneburg menu are worth exploring, the Wiener Schnitzel is reason enough to come back for more.

Oasis Falafel, Iowa City, IA

A true Iowa City institution, Oasis Falafel has been delivering a vital taste to the streets of the North Downtown District for over a decade. In that time, Oasis Falafel has found the recipe for the world’s best hummus, falafel and fries, and whether you grab it for lunch, dinner or take-out, no amount is ever enough to satisfy your falafel fancies. However you decide to enjoy Oasis Falafel, ordering the falafel pita with hummus, babba ganoush and Mediterranean salad is a must.

Picket Fence Cafe, Guttenberg, IA

Located within the Clayton Ridge Farm Meat Market & Gift Shop, the Picket Fence Cafe is open during the weekdays and provides the perfect place in Guttenberg and beyond for to grab some lunch. Modeled after old-fashioned institutions, the Picket Fence Cafe makes all their salads and soups with fresh vegetables each morning, and thanks to the meat market, the Picket Fence Cafe also serves up some of the best barbecued meats you’ll find on either side of the Mississippi. Check it out for yourself Monday through Friday, and see why lunch will never be the same after eating at the Picket Fence Cafe.

Lagomarcino’s, Davenport, IA

Through the century that Lagomarcino’s has been open in the Davenport area, it’s been most commonly associated with the world-class chocolates and confectionary items that come from its sweet-smelling shop. Lagomarcino’s also offers a classic deli and soda fountain however, of which not only serves up some amazing ice cream treats, but also provides all your favorite classic deli options. Whether it’s a baked ham and swiss or a club sandwich, whatever you order, if you pair it with a chocolate malt, it’s going to be a real treat.

Sneaky’s Chicken, Sioux City, IA

While Sneaky’s Chicken in Sioux City is good anytime of the day, if you hit this staple fried chicken spot in the afternoon, you can take part in one of the best buffets in the state of Iowa. Whether you like your meat dark or white, and maybe you’re a thigh fan opposed to wings, whatever kind of chicken you crave, you can get your lunch fill at Sneaky’s Chicken. With just one visit you’ll see for yourself why everyone is talking about this fried chicken in Iowa.

South Union Bread Cafe, Des Moines, IA

The South Union Bread Cafe of Des Moines has just the right recipe for one of the most delicious lunches you’ll find in the state. Featuring customizable and signature sandwiches, all loaded upon fresh-baked daily artisan bread, plus over 50 options to choose from in the salad bar, it’s not hard to find something to like at the South Union Bread Cafe. Open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the only time to get a taste is during the lunch hour, so plan your visit now.

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