The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Iowa!

For a great team building and family friendly activity in Iowa, escape rooms across the state invite a new challenge. Escape rooms are often a highly decorated and themed space full of mysteries and clues that need to be solved to find your way out the door. The different experiences in escape rooms of Iowa vary greatly across the state, and they all provide a fun challenge that will have you coming back for more. To get started on your escape, it’s recommended to check out these 10 best escape rooms in Iowa. 

1. Outfox Escape Room, Coralville, IA

Visitors to Outfox in Coralville have three distinctly different rooms to choose from, and 60 minutes to unlock the doors. The current rooms offered by this eastern Iowa escape room include the Magicians Attic with plenty of tricks up its sleeve, an Alien Gothic room complete with crop circles, and an Abducted Officer room to help solve a military conundrum. Outfox is great for group events, family get togethers or just a bunch of people who want to solve a puzzle.  

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2. Breakout Des Moines, Des Moines, IA

With multiple and rotating rooms to choose from, including a kidnapping theme, museum heist and operation casino, Breakout Des Moines is one of the most popular escape rooms in the state capital. Test your wits and challenge your logical thinking at this family friendly and great-for-groups facility, and you won’t help yourself but want to break back in. 

3. The Fantastic Escape, Lisbon, IA

One of the newer escape rooms to pop up in Iowa, The Fantastic Escape transports patrons back into time towards tension-filled worlds where the clock is ticking. It’s all fun and games as you try and find yourself out of rooms and certain situations involving Cold War secret agents and Captain Nemo’s mysteries. Built by dedicated puzzle makers, it might not be so easy to escape these rooms the first round through. 

4. The Escape, West Des Moines, IA

Another popular escape room near the state capital, The Escape of West Des Moines has a variety of rooms and riddles to solve. Including such classics as The Phantom, The Psych Ward and The Informant, the latest addition to The Escape is the Hexadron, which deals with an alien race. Solve the mystery in sixty minutes or less to escape out of any one of the rooms and be prepared to find yourself wanting to come back to try out the rest.  

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5. GoFree Iowa, Cedar Rapids, IA

Great for team building, celebrations or just some good ole-fashioned fun, GoFree of Cedar Rapids invites you to take the challenge of unlocking their escape rooms. Featuring intricately decorated settings with a few mysteries hiding in plain sight, it takes 60 minutes of wit to figure out all the clues to unlock these masterful rooms. The current rooms available at GoFree include “The Collector” and “The Misfortune Teller”, and both are guaranteed tricky puzzles to solve.  

6. Escape Cedar Valley, Cedar Falls, IA

Escape Cedar Valley describes the escape room phenomena as an “experience and not just a game.” That description holds true for this locally owned escape room, and the different types of experiences you can have at Escape Cedar Valley includes jailbreaks, cold-war intrigue and countless amounts of mystery. See for yourself if you can solve the challenge. 

7. Escape Room Dubuque, Dubuque, IA

Unlock it, solve it and escape it at Escape Room Dubuque, one of eastern Iowa’s most popular escape rooms. Fun for all ages and only $25 per person, Escape Room Dubuque has three different experiences to choose from currently, including a Casino Heist, a Motel Mystery and a Race for Treasure. Each room has unique details that you need to explore to escape, and each experience puts you against the clock to solve all of the fun. 

8. The Cryptic Room, Council Bluffs, IA

The Cryptic Room of Council Bluffs has you solving clues against the clock and always having fun. Featuring four different rooms to choose from, including The Assassins Lair, C.O.R.E Intruders, a Cave of Lost Souls and Great Aunt Myrtle’s Living Room. All four rooms have a success rate hovering around 30 percent, and each one provides a unique challenge of its own. See for yourself if you can find your way out of these intricately decorated experiences. 

9. Underground Escape Room at Shores Event Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

Located in downtown Cedar Rapids, among many other things the Shores Event Center has a great escape room to test your puzzle-solving spirit. Featuring a wizardly theme full of mystical elements, this escape room is fun for the whole family and a challenging solve no matter the age. Check out this underground escape room yourself and try to solve all the challenges you can in sixty minutes or less. 

10. Riddle Me That, Arnold’s Park, IA

As a perfect add-on to your Lake Okoboji and Arnold’s Park experience, the Riddle Me That escape room is perfect for friends, families, church groups and private events. Featuring two rooms, with one inside a cabin, the mysteries at both Okoboji escape rooms leave most groups stumped and puzzled. Give this western Iowa escape room a try though, and you and your group may find themselves flipping the furniture and scratching their chins. 

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