The 10 Best Places for Bubble Tea in Iowa!

If you are looking for a refreshing and healthy beverage in Iowa, you should consider giving bubble tea a try. Also known as pearl tea or boba tea, this cold beverage is typically made with milk and tea, or served as a smoothie, and includes jelly-like “bubbles” or pearls made from fresh fruit or tapioca. There’s plenty of variation in bubble tea to find the recipe that’s right for you, and there’s plenty of places in Iowa where they serve up some of the best. Here are the 10 best places for bubble tea in Iowa. 

1. PearlTea, Cedar Falls, IA

Specializing in bubble tea and hot tea, PearlTea of Cedar Falls uses their own recipes and exclusively fresh ingredients to create an array of beverage options. The ordering process at PearlTea is completely customizable, and patrons have the choice between flavor, tea leaves, and extra toppings. While you are there, the homemade cream covered tea will give you reason to stop back again for many visits. 

2. Bubbly Tea House, Des Moines, IA

Located in the Drake neighborhood of Des Moines, Bubbly Tea House is a community orientated tea house that packs a lot of flavor. The spacious and well-lit interior is conducive to catching up with old friends or making some new ones, and the fresh boba served with any drink is a refreshing part of the day. With plenty of flavors to choose from, and different iced teas to try, Bubbly Tea House is one of the best places in the Des Moines metro to get this fruity drink. 

3. TJ Cups, Ames, IA

Articulating the artistry of tea making, TJ Cups of Ames are masters at what they serve. Featuring fresh tea and real fruit syrups, TJ Cups has a lot of flavors and add-ons to choose from, but a recommended course of action is always the TJ Signature Milk Tea. For other options of great teas and beverages, TJ Cups also specializes in espresso, milk snow, and milk slush.

4. Chotto House, Cedar Falls, IA

While the bubble tea at Chotto House in Cedar Falls is awfully good, it’s by far not the only item on the menu that draws customers through the doors. Stacked with smoothies, hot drinks, and decadent food fares like strawberry crepe cake, the Chotto House is a one-stop shop for all things delicious in Cedar Falls. Per their bubble tea selection, some of the house favorites include Thai tea, chocolate and strawberry smoothie. 

5. Encore Life, Iowa City, IA

One of the more recent establishments to spring up in Iowa City, Encore Life has a wide menu of beverage and sweets, including a refreshing list of bubble tea options. Featuring fresh milk and fresh fruit, each bubble drink at Encore Life is customizable towards tastes and preferences, and each will be good to the last drop. A great way to catch up on the day or continue a healthy inspired lifestyle, Encore Life can have you celebrating the good things.

6. Caffe Crema on the Coralville Strip, Coralville, IA

Featuring a comfortable atmosphere and a well-reputed service, Caffe Crema on the Coralville Strip serves up all types of delicious drinks, including some of the best bubble tea you’ll find in the state. The bubble tea selection at Caffe Crema includes the ability to add Bubbles/Boba to any iced drink or smoothie on the menu for just 60 cents. With a wide menu of teas including rooibos and oolong, as well a dozen smoothie selections, you’ll find plenty of options to add some bubbles to.

7. Bubble Karaoke Cafe, Iowa City, IA

Also known simply as Bubble Karaoke, this unique and authentic bubble tea establishment of Iowa City also offers other avenues of fun alongside your visit. Outside of the delicious drinks and bubble tea made to order, Bubble Karaoke also specializes in karaoke entertainment. You can rent a private room at Bubble Karaoke and alongside some friend and acquaintances, stay refreshed and sing the night away.

8. Peachwave, Sioux City, IA

With multiple locations spread across the Midwest, to find your Peachwave fix in Iowa you need to visit Sioux City. Primarily a frozen yogurt shop, one of the many reasons to visit this community favorite establishment is their recent addition of bubble tea to the menu. Whether you want to add the pearls to your frozen yogurt or have them in a deliciously made drink, Peachwave can give you your boba fix in western Iowa. 

9. Bubble Pop, Iowa City, IA

Located in the Old Capitol Mall of Iowa City, Bubble Pop’s motto is Enjoy Tea, Enjoy Life. This establishment makes it easy to do both with a wide selection of pearls and real fruit to add to their iced beverage options. A few pearl options include Love Strawberry, Lychee Jelly, Tapioca, and Passion Fruit Pop, and the choice is up to you for which flavor to explore. 

10. Bubble Tea Company, Davenport, IA

With two locations in Davenport to choose from, Bubble Tea Company offers multiple ways to find their signature healthy drinks. Specializing in real fruit smoothies with your choice of pearls added in, Bubble Tea Company relies exclusively on fresh ingredients that the customers can see being added to their drink. Aiming to provide a healthy alternative to other easy beverage options, Bubble Tea Company is banking on long-term business from the long-term health benefits of their drinks. 

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