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Parker Historical Museum

Parker Historical Museum
300 East Third Street

About Us:
Museum artifacts were first exhibited on the second floor of a house owned by the Spencer Community School District. The first floor was used for Special Education classes. It was located on the south side of the 1914 High School building, which was one block from the Parker home. The society also constructed a building for agriculture items behind the Parker home at 300 East Third Street.
Realizing the museum would need a permanent home, Reverend and Mrs. Parker made arrangements to gift the house and surrounding property to Parker Historical Society when they no longer needed the home. Parker Historical Society took possession when Mrs. Parker moved to St. Luke’s nursing home in 1969.

Funds to pay Parker Museum’s daily operating expenses come from Parker Historical Society yearly membership dues, appropriations, interest income and other miscellaneous income such as program fees, book sales and door donations. Parker Museum members and the continued support from Clay County Board of Supervisors, City of Spencer and the City of Webb are sincerely appreciated as they help keep the doors open and the lights on.

“To collect, preserve, and interpret Clay County history for the education and enjoyment of the public.”

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