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Jefferson County Fair

Jefferson County Fair
2606 West Burlington


We plan to make this area much more extensive. There is a vast history that we'll attempt to get on the site. However, that might be a better project for the winter months...

The Greater Jefferson County Fair as begun by action of the Jefferson County Agricultural Society, started a fair in Fairfield Iowa in the year of 1851. At this time it was decided to make this "Fair" an annual event. The Fair became an Official Fair by action of the committee in 1947.

The years have passed and the Fair has grown into one of the larger 4H Fairs in the State as well as being designated the "Official Greater Jefferson County Fair". We are very proud of these facts and work hard to preserve a homey atmosphere for the kids as this IS a 4H and FFA Fair

We are now known simply as the Greater Jefferson County Fair and there is very little that is free any more, especially in light of State funding cuts. However, the Free Front Gate Admission Tuesday through Monday (with FREE parking), is probably the least expensive of any Fair in the entire State. We're kind of proud about that too.

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