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Jefferson Country Park

Jefferson Country Park
2003 Libertyville Road

In 1977, 117 acres of land located just southwest of the Fairfield city limits was purchased with federal-matching Heritage Conservation Recreation Service funds. This land today is known as Jefferson County Park.

In 1985, an additional 16 acres of abandoned railroad right-of-way was purchased and another 17-acre track of timber was donated by FEDA, increasing the park to a total of 150 acres. Twenty-five acres was purchased in 1989 and 15 acres in 2001 with REAP funds.

Approximately 10 acres was donated by FEDA in 2007. This area is on the north edge of the park and features a 1.5 acre storm retention pond -- see the story and photos here.

In January 2009, an additional 27 acres of land was purchased from the Holmes family making the park 227 acres in size.

Under the direction of the Jefferson County Conservation Board, extensive development has taken place in the park; it is now the most widely used multi-purpose outdoor recreation area in Jefferson County. Park is 190 acres in size.

Jefferson County Park is considered the nucleus of the Jefferson County Conservation Board program.

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