Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

909 Robert D Ray Drive

Mission Statement

Des Moines Botanical Center is reaching out to the community and beyond to educate and promote awareness of high level horticulture and environmental stewardship through; positive partnerships, education programs, opportunities for tourism, a quality venue for social events and meetings, unified grounds and unique horticulture collections.


Edmund Rose

Saturday, Sep. 23, 2017

The botanical gardens offer both an indoor and outdoor experience. The interior conservatory area isn't very big but there are a plentiful variety of plants and flowers. Be sure to go to The Gardener's Show House on the right side of the conservatory. It's a packed greenhouse of smaller plants from succulents to orchids and a lot in between. Outside is a wonderful water garden, a boardwalk and several gardens. Definitely worth the $8 admission. The facility also has a gift shop and cafe, and can be rented for special occasions.

Amy Watkins

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017

What a lovely garden this is. I had such a lovely time having lunch and walking around the gardens. There were even umbrellas to use so that I saw the outside despite the rain. Highly recommend.

Valerie Boss

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017

So so pretty. I just wish there were more name plates. Yes, I understand that all plants are tagged (probably) but sometimes you see a plant in a different setting than the part with the name plate, and it's impossible to hunt the name plate down.

Kurt Showalter

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017

Was a good visit, but there's a lot closed during winter time. The main conservatory is warm and the staff are friendly. There's still a lot of neat stuff to explore even without a tour guide.

Sara Lopez

Saturday, July 29, 2017

We visited in a whim for something to do. It was well worth our $8. The conservatory contained many non-native plants and trees and was a pleasant walk. The Gardner's Show House had a variety of more local plants exhibited in creative ways with nice little seating areas. The best part of the visit was the outside gardens. The colors were amazing. We spent a lot of time in the water area as the water plants were amazing. The view of the city was stellar and the waterfall proved a beautiful backdrop for weddings and events as well as a nice place to stop and rest. We gave it 4 stars because many of the plants inside and out needed attention. There was a lot of brown and weedy growth all around. Overall, helpful staff and a pleasant place to spend a few hours.