Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

909 Robert D Ray Drive

Mission Statement

Des Moines Botanical Center is reaching out to the community and beyond to educate and promote awareness of high level horticulture and environmental stewardship through; positive partnerships, education programs, opportunities for tourism, a quality venue for social events and meetings, unified grounds and unique horticulture collections.


Achele Jones

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018

Pretty much nothing open or indoors in January. A some with a few Californian plants, and a green house for the flowers... I get more out of mays floral... not worth the 16 bucks. Your better off driving to Minneapolis to go to theirs for free.

Theresa Johnson

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018

Adding outdoor garden, ponds, and garden house is nice. They are growing and adding on and it is a nice place to go in the dead of an Iowa winter, and now you can go outdoors in the summer. They have an upstairs balcony with seating you can hang out and read or work on a project, again nice in the winter with all that solar light Have a bad case of S.A D. that could help. They have Botanical Blues music now in the winter. They have Adult Ed. classes and have really amped up their gift shop. Trellis Restaurant is a nice touch with a garden themed, chef inspired menu that is changed up seasonally. With the outdoor patio that oversees the ponds and water lillies. Alot of bright light, windows and gorgeous plants.

Caasi Heckman

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018

The ladies at the desk and around the garden are VERY nice. Very educating, and helpful. We've been going here sence I was a kid. I do miss all the birds and fish and turtles. Love the updates on Facebook, keeps reminding me I need to visit. Also love the outdoor gardens (in the spring/summer).

Edmund Rose

Saturday, Sep. 23, 2017

The botanical gardens offer both an indoor and outdoor experience. The interior conservatory area isn't very big but there are a plentiful variety of plants and flowers. Be sure to go to The Gardener's Show House on the right side of the conservatory. It's a packed greenhouse of smaller plants from succulents to orchids and a lot in between. Outside is a wonderful water garden, a boardwalk and several gardens. Definitely worth the $8 admission. The facility also has a gift shop and cafe, and can be rented for special occasions.

Jewel Schultz

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018

It is amazing what variety of unusual plants are here and in such good shape. There are some beautiful places to sit and just relax and enjoy the loveliness.