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Crystal Lake Cave

6684 Crystal Lake Cave Road

In 1868 lead miners drilled 40 feet into the ground to find traces of a rich lead vein. In this process they found very little lead, but instead discovered a natural geological wonder of matchless beauty. In 1932, the late Bernard Markus, (one of the original lead miners),  opened the cave to the public, naming it Crystal Lake Cave.


Lawrence Tom

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
The unexpected treasures you can find following the advice of a billboard. I was looking to explore on my drive out to the Field of Dreams movie site and saw this billboard coming and going so I decided to stop. I was already planning to go to the Cave of the Mounds but had plenty of time to kill. Between the Mounds and this one, I think the Crystal Cave is better and more interesting with a lot more features. I would do both as they are different. The Crystal Cave is a better squeeze your way through and step in puddle kind of place and the Mounds is more refined hallways and large bored tunnels to get you around. I personally like the little more natural feel of the Crystal Cave and it had easily twice as many features to be amazed at.

Moe Vik

Sunday, April 8, 2018
It was so beautiful in the cave. So many different formations to see. The owner Julie was wonderful! I would recommend seeing this amazing cave. The crazy part is you would never know there was a cave in this hilly field .

Sariah Meyers

Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017
I absolutely LOVED this place! Great for family outings, dates or personal trips. The type guides are fantastic! You learn a lot. It's a nice sight. The view of the water underground is breathtaking! We picked up a pressed penny and a Geode to break open with our kids. Next time my husband and come back we plan on scheduling one of the private tours where you get to go through the crawl spaces with a guide! Highly recommend Crystal Lake Caves to everybody!


Thursday, March 8, 2018
Neat to see so close to home. No long but not too short. Cool even in summer. A coat, fleece or sweater is good. the path is not claustrophobic. I would call and confirm hours before venturing out. The cost is modest and the location very convenient to Dubuque

Big D Yooderhas

Sunday, May 20, 2018
What a horrible experience. From an owner on the phone belittling an employee and completely ignoring guests; then when we went to the counter to inquire about the next tour time - this same owner shields her face and continues discussing confidential information about an employee in front of two complete strangers!!! Hands down the absolute worst customer experience we've ever witnessed and would strongly advise anyone to go somewhere else.

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