UNI French Film Festival

UNI French Film Festival

Monday, Mar 22, 2021 from 12:00am to 3:38am


UNI’s first French Film Festival will be happening virtually during the Spring 2021 semester. In coordination with the Franco-American Cultural Exchange Foundation, the Department of Languages and Literatures will present six French language films (subtitled in English) that you will be able to stream on your computer and discuss via Zoom.

To join the Tuesday night conversations about specific films, just click the "Zoom discussion" link below. Better yet add the following link (the same one for each discussion) to your electronic calendar: https://uni.zoom.us/j/93903504393.


Varda par Agnès/Varda by Agnès

Varda by Agnès, the last film by the late great Agnès Varda, is a typically joyous, digressive, and revealing ramble through the Director’s work, based on a series of lectures she gave in the last years of her life. Composed of numerous clips from Varda’s films and public appearances, as well as extensive documentation of her gallery installations, the film provides both an introduction to and a summation of the extraordinary achievement of the woman who kicked off the French New Wave with La Pointe Courte, a groundbreaking, independently financed mix of poetic realism and documentary, and continued to make epochal narrative films (Cleo from 5 to 7; One Sings, the Other Doesn’t; Vagabond) and pioneering documentary works that combined a boundless curiosity about the world and a generous art of self-revelation (The Gleaners and I; Faces Places). But as anyone who has ever seen an Agnès Varda movie knows, Varda would not simply be satisfied with retreading her accomplishments: this is a film as open to the future as it is to the past, full of insight and inspiration for young filmmakers, artists, and thinkers, and imbued with Varda’s incomparable swiftness of thought and warmth of feeling.

Director: Agnès Varda

Screenplay: Agnès Varda

Cast: Agnès Varda

120 min.

Distributor: Janus Films

Available On: The Criterion Channel

Virtual Screening Platform: Eventive

Price Range:
Tier 1: $200 for up to 50 free views.
Tier 2: $275 for up to 75 free views.
Tier 3: $350 for up to 100 free views.
Additional views are available at the rate of $75 per each additional batch of 25 views. We ask that venues set the number of views they would like to purchase in advance.

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