UNI French Film Festival

UNI French Film Festival

Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021 from 12:00am to 11:03am


UNI’s first French Film Festival will be happening virtually during the Spring 2021 semester. In coordination with the Franco-American Cultural Exchange Foundation, the Department of Languages and Literatures will present six French language films (subtitled in English) that you will be able to stream on your computer and discuss via Zoom.

To join the Tuesday night conversations about specific films, just click the "Zoom discussion" link below. Better yet add the following link (the same one for each discussion) to your electronic calendar: https://uni.zoom.us/j/93903504393.


Tout est pardonne/All is Forgiven

Writer-Director Mia Hansen-Løve is recognized as one of the brightest talents in contemporary French film for the way she has renewed the tradition of the intimate cinema of ideas and emotions epitomized by auteurs such as Eric Rohmer. While her later films such as Things to Come were widely praised in the United States, her first feature All is Forgiven is only receiving its US release now, thirteen years after its rapturous reception at the Cannes Film Festival. Hansen-Løve was only 26 when she made the film, but it is a surprisingly mature work in which one recognizes her themes—a young woman’s development, precarious family dynamics, the passage of time—and the texture of her images, shaped by a sensitivity to natural light and a keen sense of the frame. The film begins in Vienna in 1995, with Victor and Annette, a Franco-Austrian couple raising their little girl Pamela. When the family returns to Paris, Victor plunges into drug addiction and Annette vows never to see him again. Eleven years later, Victor resurfaces to get to know Pamela, now a teenager who has always wondered why he disappeared. This achingly delicate tale of love, despair, and forgiveness is carried by beautifully subtle performances.

Director: Mia Hansen-Løve

Screenplay: Mia Hansen-Løve


Paul Blain
Marie-Christine Friedrich
Constance Rousseau
Carole Franck
Olivia Ross
Alice Langlois
Pascal Bongard


French, German
105 min.
France, 2007

Distributor: Metrograph Pictures

Price Range: $300-$350

Available On: Link Available On: request

Virtual Screening Platform: TBC with Distributor

7:00pm: Zoom discussion of Tout est pardonné/All is Forgiven

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With his third feature and first film set in France, Israeli writer-Director Nadav Lapid provides an incendiary reminder that cinema is most powerful when it raises questions rather than provides answers, when every shot seems born of the desire to try out a new idea rather than bow to narrative convention, and when every scene feels as inevitable as it is surprising. With Synonyms, Lapid turned to his own experience as a young exile in France twenty years ago to tell the story of Yoav, a young Israeli who arrives in Paris knowing no one and barely speaking French but committed to forgetting his homeland and becoming a Frenchman. On his first night in Paris, Yoav is robbed of everything he owns and throws himself on the mercy of a bourgeois couple who will become his guides in the French approach to art, friendship, and sex. But the shadow of Yoav’s troubled native land is never far away. Subversively funny, brilliantly executed, constantly astonishing, and tragic in its political implications, Synonyms won a richly deserved Golden Bear at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival, confirming Nadav Lapid’s reputation as one of the most promising filmmakers to emerge in the last decade.

Director: Nadav Lapid

Nadav Lapid
Haim Lapid

Tom Mercier
Quentin Dolmaire
Louise Chevillotte

French and Hebrew
123 min.
France, Israel

Distributor: Kino Lorber

Price Range: $400

Available On: Amazon, Youtube, GooglePlay, FandangoNow, AppleTv, Vudu, The Criterion Chanel

Virtual Screening Platforms: Kino Marquee and Vimeo

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