Johnny Brooke: A Ghost Story

Thursday, Aug 13, 2020 at 7:00pm


The clean, little house that Eliza Manning and her three teenagers have just rented comes with a story, but the landlady and the ditzy neighbor aren’t telling. The Mannings may have wondered why the rent is so low, but they certainly never considered that the house is haunted. Who would have known that the ghost of Johnny Brooke, a young teenager who supposedly committed suicide in the early sixties, still resides there? But this is not your typical haunted house story! It’s a tender piece about relationships and life changes. Johnny appears only to Michelle, the oldest of the siblings, and the two of them develop a unique and supportive friendship. He helps her find the courage to adjust to her new life, coping with a new town, a new job, a new school and finding new friends. Michelle, in turn, unravels and solves the mystery of Johnny’s death, freeing his spirit. A nosy neighbor, sibling competition and an all-girl slumber party add fun and humor to this sensitive story.

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