ILCC Show Choir and Jazz Festival

Iowa Lakes Community College Will Host Show Choir And Jazz Choir Festival

In January each year, the music department hosts a Show/Jazz Choir Festival for area high schools and middle schools. This is an educational festival in which area show and jazz choirs perform and receive feedback from experienced clinicians in preparation for the show/jazz choir season.

The annual Iowa Lakes Community College Show and Jazz Choir Festival, featuring show choirs and jazz choirs from area high school and middle schools, will be hosted on January 28 and January 29 at Iowa Lakes Community College.


Show Choirs:

9:55am: Emmetsburg - Black and Gold
10:40am: Ruthven - Ayrshire MS
12:00pm: Woodbine - Visual Harmonics
12:45pm: North Union HS    Kinetic Fusion
1:30pm: Emmetsburg - High Voltage

Jazz Choirs:

9:20am: GTRA Jazz Choir
10:00am: Hartley - Melvin - Sanborn Jazz
10:40am: West Lyon Jazz Choir  
11:20am: Emmetsburg – E-Harmony