Friday 'Loo Summer Concert Series - Pie In The Sky

Friday, Jul 12, 2019 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm


In a world where everything is taken way too seriously, Pie In The Sky was birthed to remind the world to chill and have some fun once in awhile. Pie In The Sky doesn't put on shows, they throw PARTIES!! Led by the duo of Spencer Fenimore (Mindrite, High While Driving, Boston Hell Mask, Saturn Ascends) and Dallas Noelle, there's no style of music they can't do. Spencer attacks the mic with an energy that demands attention while Dallas' background in opera and her masters degree in vocal performance from the University of Tennessee gives her the knowledge and finesse to match her god given talent. The band is made up of Nick Borror/Bass (Index Case, Party! Party!), Dave Montgomery/Guitar (Cruciful, Divided We Stand, easteighteen), Joe Kiplinger/Guitar (Party! Party!) and AJ Arterburn/Drums and Samples (Divided We Stand), together they're a tight unit that's only goal is to make sure everyone is shaking their *** by the end of the night.