Exhibit - Melynda Van Zee and Josh Sorrell

Exhibit - Melynda Van Zee and Josh Sorrell

Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017


Exhibition Showing October 3- November 29

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 12

5:00pm to 7:00pm

The Ankeny Art Center gallery and receptions are free and open to the public

Wine and appetizers will be served.

Main Gallery:

Melynda Van Zee creates acrylic paintings with vibrant layers of translucent paint enhanced by swirling dimensional line work. She shares her fine art work at art exhibits and shows throughout the Midwest. Her works are in the collections of numerous private and corporate collectors. She is the author of an art technique book, Painted Scrapbook Pages, published by Lark Books. Melynda earned her BA in Elementary Education and Art from Dordt College. Her studio is located in the heart of the prairies of central Iowa.

“Working with layers of transparent acrylic paint on canvas, I seek to capture brief glimpses of the emotional and spiritual landscapes of my soul. I am inspired by the challenge of intuitively transferring the invisible into shape and form and color. My artwork arises out of quiet reflection and internal observations. I’m dedicated to nurturing creative hearts with inspiration, vibrant color and beautiful art.”

Side Gallery:

“Broken” at its core is about sacrificing an objects intended form to give it new purpose in still life paintings. By transforming each piece a new narrative begins to develop that wasn't possible before. This new story that each ceramic sculpture begins to tell is completely random based on how it decides to shatter.

During the dismantling themes such as sadness, hope, loneliness, sarcasm, and courage begin to emerge. Using these human characteristics as a catalyst to connect us with each broken subject brings an opportunity to reflect on our own identity as individuals and as a culture.

“I paint to explore human nature within our current social structures. The subjects of my work examine how our experiences affect our fragile identity. Series/Theme (“Broken”)

Iowa native Josh Sorrell (1979) is a self-taught artist producing representational artwork altered by abstract elements. Using oil or charcoal as the preferred medium, Josh examines themes of personal and cultural significance while also attempting to draw a new perspective from accepted ideas. Subjects are often presented within a surreal atmosphere meant to strengthen its impact. This focus on combining both real and imaginary components allow the viewer to create their own unique interpretation.

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